Open your corporate account in Austria without leaving home! – Offshore

It is possible to have a corporate account in Austria without leaving home! Austria is internationally known for its economic and political stability. On the other hand investors and foreign entrepreneurs are attracted to this jurisdiction due to the credibility, security and advanced technology offered by the Austrian banks.

Advantages of a corporate account in Austria

More credibility for your business

Opening a corporate account in Austria through your offshore company is not only appropriate, but also necessary to be able to do business in Europe, the largest number of international suppliers and clients prefer to make business transactions with entrepreneurs who have corporate accounts in jurisdictions that traditionally They are stable and safe.

On the other hand, some European countries do not allow offshore companies to open corporate accounts in their jurisdictions. Currently in Austria, there are already banks that allow a Nevis or Panama company to have a business account in their country, which facilitates their business in Europe and in other important regions of the world.

With an offshore company, the bureaucracy is minimal since the credibility with the banks increases. A corporate account is synonymous with security for the bank, which minimizes suspicions about the origin of the funds, unlike what happens when individuals try to open accounts.


The possible operational losses suffered by the banks do not affect their capital in any way, since banks have the obligation to maintain certain capital values ​​(safety margin of capital), which works as a margin of safety to cover unexpected losses. This does not correspond to the calculated losses, since these are covered by provisions, reserves and profits for the current year.

European central banks have an agreement where they offer at least 9% of the equity, however, investors generally demarcate the percentage of 10%, in Austria there are banks that provide a proportion of 16%, almost twice the support legally required !

Investment in the Financial Markets

There are Banks in Austria offering their clients the opportunity to invest in the international financial markets, directly managing their own money and having the possibility to make all the investment decisions. You will also have at your disposal professionals in the investment area to advise you on your options.

Summary of the main advantages:

  • Corporate Accounts can be opened without leaving home;
  • The corporate accounts can be opened with companies from Nevis, Belize, Panama, etc.

How to proceed with the opening of a corporate account in Austria without leaving home?

Everything can be done remotely, first it is necessary to open an offshore company and once the company has been established, we will start the opening of the account. Contact us to receive detailed information and guidance on how to proceed with the opening of your corporate account in Austria.

Required documents for the opening of a corporate account

  • Certified copy of the passport with apostille;
  • Recent certified copy, issued with a maximum of three months, proof of public services or bank account statement, as proof of address with Apostille;
  • All documents of the company must be authenticated with Apostille of the Hague Convention;
  • Documents of companies incorporated in jurisdictions where the language is not English or German need to be translated into English or German.

We recommend opening your account abroad with the help of experts, let’s see some of the advantages of working with Offshore.

  • Some banks require an official presentation of the candidate and only open bank accounts through this presentation. In this case, Offshore Pro Group can present the candidate to the bank;
  • Offshore Pro Group reviews the required documentation in addition to guiding the client with the way to proceed during the interviews with the banks (some banks do interviews through Skype) and also provides help with filling out the forms, which are mostly in English. All you would need to do is provide proof of due diligence required by the bank;
  • In some cases, Offshore Pro Group’s relationship with the bank is so good that the due diligence process may be less rigorous;
  • Due to the direct relationship with the banks, Offshore Pro Group can make a presentation to the client remotely and therefore avoiding the need for the candidate to personally go to the bank to open his account abroad; also see the possibility that the bank rejects the request for opening is less.