Open an offshore account in Switzerland

The opening of an offshore account in Switzerland is accessible to natural and legal persons and this does not require special conditions.

Be aware, however, that a banking entity may refuse your request to open an account if it suspects illegal activities.

File submission will not always lead you to open an offshore account.

The main steps of opening the account

When you have chosen your bank, it often requires you to meet in person. If for various reasons you can not move, the file deposit can be done online.

For some banks, meeting you in person is not an option, but a requirement. To open an offshore account, you must provide certain documents.

The list of these can vary from one institution to another as well as from one account to another. If your file is accepted, you must sign the contract and pay the required minimum deposit.

In this territory, there are more than a hundred international banks, private banks, and investment groups. You can open an account with a universal bank, a cantonal bank, a private bank, a regional bank or a commercial bank.

The Swiss banking system

If you prefer the discretion of banking transactions, you must choose Switzerland to open your offshore account.

Indeed, the banking system is renowned for its very discreet and very professional services. The Banking Act of 1934 considers it a criminal offense that a financial institution or bank discloses the name of the holder of a particular account.

However, judges have the right to issue a lift order to access this information in a criminal investigation.

Even if your identity remains confidential, this does not exclude the possibility of checks to verify that the funds paid into your accounts do not come from illegal operations.